Tig Notaro Live

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tig-notaroAs a huge fan of standup comedy, I’m a follower of Louis CK, in my humble opinion, America’s finest comic since David Cross, or Jerry Seinfeld in his day. Having followed Louis’ incredible self publishing experiment I keep a keen eye on his site and that’s how I came accross this remarkable set by comedienne Tig Notaro.

Unusually, this is not an ‘oh my god its so funny I lol’d’ and for a comedy set that would usually be a bad thing! This set is special as its something fascinating to witness – as this set is recorded just a few days after Tig was diagnosed with cancer. I would like to say its not something I would usually suggest be publicised but the way she describes recent events that have happened to her is amazing – as one member of the audience points out – ‘fucking amazing!’ but I don’t want to ruin this for you – go to Louis’ site, buy the recording and have a listen, its only $5.