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Making new music

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So this year saw the release of my band – The Males – first EP. We’ve been doing rock music together for years and were happy to finally put out an EP of polished tracks we’re proud of. Having launched the EP and played a few shoes we sat down to discuss what we want to do next with our music, and concluded that we weren’t happy making the kind of music we have been so far – and in the way we’ve been doing it also. Our rented practice space is something we rarely find time to use, and when we do, we end up being rushed to get writing done. So we decided to take some time to learn electronic music and see what a broader range of sounds could bring to the table for us as a band.

This lead me to experiment on my own with Apple’s Logic Pro X. I’ve experimented with other DAWs in the past, using Pro tools for production was always perfect for me when we did purely rock music but now I wanted to get into electro more heavily, understanding synthesis and more. So I’ve begun making demos, and I present them here. Many of them suck but they’re teaching me a lot each time I make one, so it’s definitely worthwhile! The first few – which you can find on Soundcloud at are absolute garbage. But then I started to make things I am semi proud of – they have flaws but also parts I like that show promise for me dabbling with this stuff, so I’m excited to do more! Here’s a couple that weren’t terrible! What do you think? happy to get more feedback and advice from anyone!

“Carpenter Hotline”

The first track I’ve been happy to show others, but lacking in direction really


A more upbeat number that suffers from being a bit too busy!

You can probably guess some of the references here, but as a lover of 80s music I’ve always wanted to make referential stuff in the way that many others are now – artists like Kavinsky and Mitch Murder are doing an awesome job of this, and frankly I want to as well! Though that sounds unoriginal I’m hoping I can put my own spin on it, bringing my love for rock, itali disco, john carpenter, steely dan and many other influences to bear once i’ve mastered the toolset more. Keep your eyes on my Soundcloud page for more in future.