Hello Internet People.

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m Will Goldstone, an art focused game development nut with a passion for loud rock and synthwave music, comic books, video games, steak and whiskey.

I work at Unity Technologies as a Product Manager, where I get to live out my dream of making game development a possibility for wider audiences worldwide. I also run the R&D Content team, which is the group responsible for the tutorials, live training, Unite training days and projects you’ll find over at unity3d.com/learn.

Before joining Unity, I was a lecturer at Bournemouth University where I taught a variety of disciplines from graphic & web design to game development and video production. During that time I gained a Masters in Creative Media Education, wrote my first book on Unity, and met some awesome colleagues and inspiring students who’ve gone on to do some awesome things, despite my best efforts.

This blog is a collection of various projects, thoughts and findings online in no particular order. Enjoy.