I’m a lover of all things 80s and kitsch, from Pat Benatar to Drive I’ll take the original along with the nostalgic – long as its got neon, grit and dry ice, I’m there.

One of the best things about this period was of course it’s action movies, stand-out hallmarks of which must surely be the work of John Carpenter, without whom we would not have Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing or They Live, three of my favourite movies from that time.

Movies then had a macho edge and a glossy – if of course misogynistic – take on romance, and there’s a certain charm to those films that endures and makes you look at their cheesy low-budget effects with fondness rather than scorn.

If you’re sat nodding your head whistfully quoting ol’ Jack Burton at this stage, you’ll definitely be on board with the would-be makers of Kung Fury. Imagine a mix of Darkplace, Double Dragon, Hotline Miami and Evil Dead, and you’re somewhere on your way to understanding the brilliance of the Kickstarter trailer for Kung Fury. A clear homage to 80s action movies that’s more neon-nazi than cyberpunk, but bristles with incredibly competent effect work and sharp delivery that promise an incredibly fun movie if funded.

So why not back it?


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