Being a big sucker for any kind of trivia based challenge, discovering Quiz Up was awesome. It marries my love of quizzes with beautiful, minimal design. Big thanks to David Helgason for recommending this via many facebook share brags!


At the moment it feels like anything that attempts minimalism can’t execute without the influence of Metro or iOS7. Quiz Up ditches these notions for UX, Typography and Iconography that don’t just work well, but add a touch of fun to the app too. Integrating neatly into Facebook and Twitter this is the perfect complement to social platforms, and I for one hope this lasts and lot more effectively than the lifespan of erstwhile social trends like Draw Something.

Come At Me Bro!

Challenge me on Quizup.. though you best have your Rocky trivia in order! my username is just ‘willgoldstone’.

Check it out for free on the App Store here.

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