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New EP – Gold&Stone ‘Volume One’

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IF you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I’ve been dabbling in electronic music since late last year. Having learnt a lot, I have now produced the¬†first set of three…

Daredevil – a comic book tv show actually worth watching.

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Okay. So that headline shows a little bias maybe but come on, we haven’t had a lot of luck with comic book¬†heroes and TV shows. Sure people loved Smallville, and…

Moving to Cubase

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After a few months playing with Logic Pro X to learn electronic music production, I’ve decided to take the leap to Cubase 8 Artist and see how I like it….

Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

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An incredible movie, blending beautiful cinematography, unrelenting action and inconceivable stunts in a world that many have referenced since the original trilogy, but proving that George Miller is the original…